Secure Your Citrus Exports with CRI-Type Pallets from PalletBiz South Africa

As one of the world’s leading citrus exporters, South Africa faces a range of challenges in meeting the demands of global markets. Exporters must manage fruit from different regions, meet various cultivar requirements, satisfy destination market and regulatory requirements, and compete with other marketers and supermarkets. Pallets play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of exported products. That’s why we, PalletBiz South Africa, offer CRI type pallets that are IPPC approved to support and provide all agricultural export farmers and growers with the highest-quality pallets available.

Pallets are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, especially when they are moved with forklifts or other machinery. Low-quality wood or nails that are too small can cause the pallets to break, damaging all the cartons on the pallet. Additionally, pallets must be treated to protect them against pests and fungal growth, and constructed according to the right design. To ensure the safety and security of your exports, at PalletBiz we produce all our pallets according to specifications ISPM15, signifying compliance with the Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade.


For citrus exports, the CRI pallet (1210x1010mm) is the most stable and strong configuration of slats for transporting cartons. Pallets that do not follow the CRI design often have slats in the wrong places or are too thin, causing the bottom cartons to fall off and challenging the integrity of the entire stack.

Don’t risk the safety and security of your agricultural exports. Contact PalletBiz South Africa today to learn more about how our CRI pallets can help you transport your products with confidence.

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