Great packaging comes from great experience
ExportPack™ is a conceptual approach to packaging - bringing the best know-how from PalletBiz and its clients into practice


  • ExportPack™ means premium quality materials and processes designed to secure your product during transport and handling. It has been developed over many years with experience in the packaging industry, working with larger industry professionals.The PalletBiz ExportPack™ product range includes the following:
    • ExportPack™ Lightweighter
    • ExportPack™ Heavyweighter
    • ExportPack™ Waterproof
    • ExportPack™ DesignMe

    The above mentioned key elements stand out and are part of the ExportPack trademark regardless of which ExportPack™ product is in question.

ExportPack™ emphasizes awareness to the safety and protection of the cargo – the packaging should be durable and resistant in order to fully protect the cargo. ExportPack™ is designed to the specific case of the customer, and also to follow a standard approach to ensure the combination of all parameters. However, assembly should be as individual as the product, and match the consistency and dimensions of the product and the means of transport (loose, in bulk or by container).

Example of ExportPack™ safety label
ExportPack™ considers how the product is handled and stored during transit, what conditions it will travel in and where it is ultimately headed. It should facilitate the ease of handling of the product and consider diversified ways of transport (road, rail, sea, and air) as well as variations in static (infrastructure) and climatic (humidity & temperature) conditions.
ExportPack™ boxes/crates are constructed to the particular use of a product or project and reflect a minimum or just right use of materials as well size. This is achieved by involving several stakeholders in the production or distribution process, meanwhile gaining important knowledge of the particular product(s). All in all, this leads to a cost-conscious packaging solution where you never pay more than you should, while maintaining a LEAN and Green profile.

ExportPack™ Lightweighter