A consultative approach to packaging
Let our experts guide you in analysing what portfolio of packaging and handling is optimal for your company

Analysis – no-cure-no-pay

Do you really know how much money you spend on Materials Handling – and how much of this you spend on Handling Materials?

Not only will we help you find out – we will also present you with a guaranteed plan for how to improve your Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) of your Handling Materials

AND BEST OF ALL – we will make sure you will get a 4% SAVINGS from our work – No-Cure-No-Pay!!

if you are currently using Tender Consultant to assist you with your purchasing, this service is included in our proposition to you.

Our consulting practice has more than 20 years experience delivering a guaranteed ROI for our clients within the area of packaging and handling materials.

What holds you back? Start saving on your packaging & handling by letting us optimize your supply chain!

PalletBiz is working professionally and has extensive knowledge within the wood packaging area. Our cooperation with PalletBiz has resulted in an optimization of cembrit’s wood packaging solutions.

– Karsten de Rosche Bierholm
(Group Director, Sourcing – Cembrit)

What we are offering

  • Handling Materials Design Analysis

The right form, fit and function of your Handling Materials. Will the pallets work with your existing equipment? Some pallet jacks and forklifts use a different design.

Can your pallets handle the load that they will be expected to carry? Both too weak and too strong pallets will have a negative financial impact.

Are special considerations for transport requirements (e.g., fragility, hygiene) handled in the optimal way?

  • Transparency Analysis 

Do you pay the right price for the right Handling Materials?  Despite being relatively simple in design, pallets are very versatile and can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Selecting the right type of pallet and other handling materials is key to ensure an optimal spend.

  • Sustainability Analysis

How sustainable are you in your usage of Handling Materials – do you know where your pallets come from? How were they sourced? Are the handling materials sustainably sourced?

By asking the right questions, we ensure everyone is working on the same goal.