Compressed Pallet Blocks
Our wooden compressed pallet blocks are compact and easy to store thanks to their highly improved dimensional consistency.

Compressed Pallet Blocks

Recycling is a necessity in today’s society and wood waste is the second-largest component of construction and demolition debris after concrete. Hence, the concept of recycling wood led PalletBiz to add sawdust pallet blocks to our portfolio and to our pallet design. Our compressed pallet blocks are engineered wooden product made from sawdust.


Benefits of using compressed pallet blocks:

  • Durability: Crafted through a high-temperature compression process, they acquire exceptional strength and structural integrity. Furthermore, the dense composition of compressed sawdust can accommodate high load capacities. Their superior strength allows them to withstand heavy loads without compromising structural integrity.


  • No bark or cracks: They have a smooth and fine-finished surface, which makes them ideal for various applications in the construction and packaging industries.


  • Low risk of contamination: The pressurized manufacturing process ensures that the compressed pallet blocks are also highly resistant to fungal, termite, and bacterial contamination.


  • Nail gripping strength: The compressed pallet blocks provide exceptional nail retention capability, offering twice the gripping strength of standard wood blocks.


Additional Benefits:

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Do not need heat treatment
  • Improved dimensional consistency


The dimensions of the compressed pallet blocks depend on the specific requirements of the customer. However, there are some most common dimensions used in pallet constructions:

  • Length: 75 mm – 150 mm (3 inches – 6 inches).
  • Width: 75 mm – 100 mm (3 inches – 4 inches).
  • Height: 75 mm – 150 mm (3 inches – 6 inches).


The final dimensions can be customized based on the customer’s needs.