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Gitterboxes compose a steel frame design to support materials handling. A four feet bottom allows the inclusion of the Gitterbox with a forklift from all four sides. For stacking the boxes there are mounted actuating angle essays.

The dimensions of a Gitterbox are standard and measure: width 835 mm, length 1240 mm and height 970 mm. The approximate weight is about 70 kg.

Wire Mesh Boxes

Wire Mesh Boxes from PalletBiz are fully collapsible and light in weight. The Wire Mesh Boxes are very durable and require no maintenance. Their loading capacity is around 1.800 kg.
All PalletBiz Wire Mesh Containers – or crates, as they are also referred to – have an open design, which makes them a great alternative to Gitterboxes, as they are easy to store and handle with their collapsible side when not in use.

Half Boxes

Half Boxes are metal packaging units, designed and produced according to your specifications. These boxes (with or without a clap) are designed for smaller and lighter loads. They are produced with wire mesh or steel walls, with a load capacity up to 1500 kg.

Steel Collars

Steel Collars are an alternative steel packaging solution to the UIC Gitterboxes and are mountable on all 1200 x 800 sized pallets. They have the same functionality as Steel Boxes and take less storage space. It is possible to divide them with one or two claps. This metal product can be designed according to your parameters, with height up to 2000 mm.

Mobilrack Pallets

With Mobilrack Pallets (or Manurack Pallets) you can store your pallets with the goods and this way create a flexible and safe racking system. Mobilrack Pallets are produced according to the TÜV standard. Two types of this metal packaging product are available – the single and the double.

Solid Boxes With Clap

Solid Boxes With Claps are designed and produced according to your specification. These metal products are universal and durable with wire mesh or steel walls. Their load capacity goes up to 6000 kg.

Solid Boxes Without Clap

Compared to the Solid Boxes With Clap, these metal boxes have four solid walls. All of these steel packaging units are made according to your company specifications.

Steel Pallets

For optimum durability compared to wooden and plastic pallets, we offer Steel Pallets. They have a sturdy built to support heavy loads in transport and are characterised by high durability and resistance to harsh storage conditions.