Become a part of the PalletBiz network
Get access to the know-how and network of a successful industry leader.
Become a part of the PalletBiz network
Get access to the know-how and network of a successful industry leader.

PalletBiz franchising

PalletBiz is a Global Franchise Partner Network of Packaging & Handling solutions. We believe that our strengths stem from the partnerships we undertake with local experts in the packaging and handling business. We have developed our concept over the years and are now confident in the possibilities and opportunities, which such a network structure can offer. PalletBiz is currently represented in 9 countries throughout 5 regions within Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) – with the following distribution:


Established regional back-office / customer support:

DenmarkHungaryRomania,  PolandGermany,  Austria.

Established operations / manufacturing:


Areas of interest:

Moldova, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Itlay, Benelux, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland.

Middle East:

Established regional back-office / customer support

Saudi ArabiaUAE, Qatar, Bahrain.

Established operations / manufacturing

Saudi Arabia,  Bahrain.

Areas of interest

UAE, Qatar, Kuwait.


Established regional back-office / customer support:

South Africa.

Established operations / manufacturing:

South Africa.

Areas of interest:

Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Marocco, Algeria, Egypt.

We expect to increase the network significantly throughout 2021. PalletBiz will, in the coming years, be looking to further expand the existing Franchise network by inviting potential partners to join the group and work towards a common goal: offering Premium Packaging & Handling solutions for cross-border clients as a ”one-call-for-all”, while considering environmentally friendly solutions. With the right partners and a client-driven footprint, we at PalletBiz, can successfully continue increasing not only our geographical, but also our business scope, and further, grow our global presence through strong strategic alliances.

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Be part of a good brand, have the advantage of belonging to a structured franchise network, and more importantly, benefit from the network purchasing power, and unparalleled sales and service opportunities like our consultancy approach which gives you a road map of how to kick the start with our strong know-how in the business in the packaging solution like packiging material, industrial handling products, pallet franchising and more.

Why to join PalletBiz?

Why become a PalletBiz franchisee?

It can be daunting to run a business in a volatile and ever-changing industry, where economies of scale and levels of synergies and innovation can seem overwhelming and unachievable. PalletBiz is here to eliminate such concerns and enable a solid base for outperforming in the very demanding environment of packaging and handling goods.

PalletBiz is welcoming small to medium-sized packaging and handling companies, who have the ambitions to grow to the next level but are prevented from doing so due to pressing challenges in various aspects of business operations. A great fit would be production companies and depots, who want to maximize the potential of their business and follow PalletBiz international business model. When becoming a PalletBiz Franchisee you automatically get access to the know-how of a successful industry leader with special knowledge of the Pallet, Packaging & Handling industry.

PalletBiz Franchising Network

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