The concept underlining the PalletBiz Business System is the establishment of an international network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials. From the initial strong quality production base in Europe we will expand in other parts of the world, and by working together across borders we shall achieve economies of scale as well as a unique customer service profile.


“PalletBiz will use its network power to provide our clients with quality packaging and handling materials as well as cross border services – ”one call for all” – and while doing this we will satisfy the developing interests of the shareholders, the employees, the suppliers and the environment”

Vision 2020

Our vision 2020 for the PalletBiz Business System is:

  • we are one of a few providers of wood and metal packaging with global aspirations, who can offer services in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • by applying the PalletBiz Way(c) throughout the network we achieve a high level of Operational Excellence combined with high standards for Environment, Health, Safety as well as other Corporate Social Responsibilities.
  • the combined sales in the network exceeds M€ 50.
  • we are known for a high level of productivity improvement and a high level of employee satisfaction.
  • we are a preferred supplier for trade and industry users with quality-, complex-, and multi-national needs