Following the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, PalletBiz has been closely monitoring the impact and effect of the virus on the global industry. We understand the importance of keeping the industry working during the pandemic to ensure that this will not become a global supply-chain crisis. We understand our responsibility in this respect – being an essential part of the supply chain of our customers, whether being in retail or other important business sectors.


The biggest challenge now for wooden packaging manufacturers is the availability of raw materials required for optimal production. Low stock levels at sawmills pose a challenge to the high demands for wooden packaging from different industries. Such shortages force some packaging companies to inevitably reduce and slow down production levels.


This notification therefore also serves as an assurance to suppliers and clients, that we do everything possible to keep our operations at the necessary levels to meet with the existing market demand – and we do so at all our sites throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa. This is a very tough balance to maintain and one that requires close coordination between all parties. Hence, we seek everyone to notify your regional key contacts in PalletBiz about any changes or issues affecting either supply or demand in the coming period.


The above commitment to both suppliers and clients should be understood in the context of keeping the safety of our and your colleagues as the highest priority. Consequently, we urge everyone to avoid any unnecessary contact, especially among operational and non-operational personnel. Drivers will have to pay extra attention to guidelines within the respective loading- and unloading sites.


Together we will fight this persistent and widespread pandemic and help the businesses and, ultimately, people of both our suppliers, clients, and the public until we reach an environment similar to the pre-COVID-19 virus.