• - News: Structural website development for improved and more secure user experience

    The PalletBiz websites have undergone structural changes, with the overarching aim of establishing a platform that is more secure while emphasizing improved usability. The development is expected to be completed by the end of May and as mentioned includes a general cyber security upgrade leading the visitors on safe grounds when browsing the various group websites.

    If you would like to learn more about our online presence, or our values regarding the continuous development of a secure online environment for our visitors, reach out to us at

  • - Celebrating 1 Year in Business

    A big thank you to our great Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Family and Friends, we are celebrating the completion of our first year in business. We have built a lot of great relationships already, and we are looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thank you for helping to make PalletBiz South Africa a success!


    And most of all we would like to honour our team; this company’s future is sure to be bright with team members like you! Your hard work and creativity is an inspiration. Happy Anniversary PalletBiz South Africa!



    PalletBiz proudly presents our Info Sheet with a fresh and brand new design, actualized for 2018/19!

    The brochure covers several aspects of our company and industry in general. Firstly, our readers can gain further insight to the history and present activities of PalletBiz, along with how we see our business develop and grow in the coming years within the Packaging & Handling sector. Secondly, we introduce our currently available pallet & wooden packaging product line through commercial and technical specifications, in order for You to easily find the product(s) best suitable for Your packaging needs. Thirdly, we guide You through our services related to Packaging & Handling: our Pallet Life-Cycle Services can help you find the most eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging options, while our Consulting team is ready to work with You on any Packaging & Handling-related question or issue, offering only the most optimal solutions. Finally, You will be provided with all current PalletBiz locations, so that You can easily find and contact our representatives closest to Your business.


    PalletBiz RSA had the opportunity to attend the Saitex Africa 2018. The experience afforded us to meet and connect with prospective customers in person, discuss their long term plans, order requirements and address their questions immediately. The exhibition gave us access to the same number of visitors as our larger competitors, allowing us to attract the same opportunity.


    More than 36 countries exhibited at SAITEX to promote and secure trade agreements for the export of their leading products into Africa.


    These high-level trade discussions at SAITEX means the event also attracted government officials, diplomats, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.


    To foster further dialogue at influencer level, The Trade Development Forum provided a platform for intra-Africa trade discussions where key subjects included the new African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).


    The AfCFTA opened Africa up in an EU-style single-trade market. This could offer significant improved opportunities. We also joined the Trade Development Forum where the DTI unpacked the AfCFTA and its related features and benefits.


    Other key subjects on the discussion agenda included SADC country spotlights, provincial showcases and key programmes highlighted by the Gauteng government.

  • - News: PalletBiz welcomes new franchisee

    A new franchisee in Johannesburg, South Africa has joined the PalletBiz network. This very exciting expansion opens the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region to PalletBiz, moreover, it promises numerous new and thrilling business cases and opportunities for the entire network.



    A part of the RSA team with Mr. Bogdan Manole (CTO Romania) and Mr. Thomas Gents (COO)


    The preparations for the operational kick-off have been in the works for months, and PalletBiz South Africa has officially opened its doors on 1st October.

    PalletBiz South Africa will be responsible for the development of the Franchise Network within the SADC region; furthermore, we hope to achieve a broader expansion in other territories and countries of the African continent as well.

    The local production will focus on the pallet and wooden packaging products – including repair & recycling services – in the beginning, which will be supported by the sales and sourcing office responsibles.




    Ms Nozipho Mbanjwa – the managing director of PalletBiz RSA – is proud to present the new franchisee to the business world: “We look forward to learning as much as possible from our colleagues in the PalletBiz network. The Packaging & Handling industry has progressed to a very professional level in Europe, and we look forward to applying the techniques in RSA. The benefit for our clients would definitely be enhanced QUALITY. “

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